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11 Tips That Can Help You Complete An Online Course


If you are finding it difficult to complete an online, you are not alone on this road, many of us have it, In this article, I will share with 11 tips that help you complete that online course.

This was share by Grace Kahinga on Tiwitter

  • Write your intention(s) to study down, preferably on a physical notebook. Writing it down tricks your mind into committing. Your head can forget, alot.
  • Pro-tip: If the course(s) you are taking can be learnt from your mobile phone, then learn from your phone instead of the laptop. The phone is much more flexible, and whatever free time you get, you can easily squeeze in some study time compared to the laptop.
  • If you have multiple courses to learn, don’t, and I repeat, don’t study concurrently. Resist the temptation to think you will finish faster that way. Pick one course and stick with it to the end, you’ll be even more inspired to start the next one.

11 tips to help you complete that online course

  • Turn off your notifications especially from social media. If it’s urgent, they will call. Don’t reply to that text even if it’s quick. If it can wait, let it wait. When learning, you are investing in yourself. So be selfish with your limited time.
  • Don’t attempt to learn everything at once. I know, you want to have finished the course like yesterday. No darling, if after 2hrs you start mixing facts up, do something else and come back later to continue.
  • Take down notes. Preferably, on a physical notebook with a pen. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of making notes. You don’t forget what you’re learning just anyhow. Your retention improves. Learning a course is a personal investment, make it worth it.

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  • Ask for help. Please, don’t undermine the power of the people. If you keep failing a question, ask. If like me you have internet problems cos it’s too expensive, ask for help. Ask someone to buy for you. It’s hard but don’t be ashamed for not affording internet to learn.
  • Practice the exercises in the course. You want to finish fast so you skip the exercises, you’ll pay dearly for it. You can only lie to yourself so much. Be intentional with your learning, if the instructor said that you do the exercises, then it’s important.
  • Be consistent. Don’t learn for two days intensely only to skip for a week. Try as much to learn everyday even if it means only doing one submodule a day. Don’t overload your mind with info, spread it out over time. Gives you more time to process what you have learnt.

  • Some parts won’t make sense. You are learning but you still not getting it. Don’t beat yourself over it. Repeat that part over again. Read upon that concept. Ask people. Write down questions on the topic. And if you still not getting it, move on. The dots will connect somehow
  • Allow yourself to be happy with every small progress that you make. Don’t wait until you have completed the 40+ hrs to celebrate your growth. Reward yourself with a break, a smile, funny dance, ice-cream et al. Happy Learning!

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