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3 Area Startup Must Not Play With

The technology scene in Nigeria is growing at a very fast rate, tech companies with great ideas are coming up everywhere from Yabacon in lagos to Ph, Ibadan, Osun, to kaduna, Abuja and so many other places,

Technology gives room for young techies entrepreneur to build companies very past and also reducing the rate of unemployment in the country, Today am going to talk about some key areas i see tech startup are not giving more attention to especially the new once in the industry


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  Record keeping is very important aspect that every CEO of company don’t play with , with proper record every investor will have confidence that you will be able to take care of their money when they invest in your company,

since the goal of most new tech startup founder is quickly got their first seed funding, but without proper record of how you manage your finances, no investor will put their money in your company, so new startup founder must make sure the have record  of every financial transaction carryout in their company.

 Costumer is king in the business world and you must do everything in your capacity to take care of them, and as your company is new, listening to your customer complain is very important, that is why at the beginning it is very important you try handle this critical thing yourself, some founder even when their company have scale up , they still handle costumer care.
those vital complain you got from your customer  are very critical at they early stage, because it helps you plan and think about how to improve your product.

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 In this world of technology, if your cannot innovate, then you are dead already, this is what make the difference between the big companies in the tech world. you must constantly be thinking of new ways to improve your product, and making it stand out,
 this write up  is just out of my brain and  what i have observe in the fast growing tech scene in Nigeria and i free style write it here, if there is any error please shot me an email.

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