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3 Things You Must Forget as Budding Tech Startup Founder

So you want to start your own technology startup company from that killer idea in your head, that is great, you must understand that seating down on your idea will do you no harm nor good.
you are better up if you dust up yourself  and starting thinking on how to implement  that idea as we all know idea are worth nothing if they are not put into test and proper execution.
I known what might be going through you head is that you have the don’t financial backing to start the venture and that why you are waiting for that one person that will put money into that your wonderful idea.

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But today, am here to tell you to forget about waiting for this group of people if you really beleive in your idea, start some thing nor matter how little it is. you can starting doing things that don’t scale
Here are three things you forget at this stage of you idea and why you must forget them.

  • Waiting for investor to put money into your idea
 Look my friend things are not done this way in this era, you got to start no matter how little you can (i.e start with one single feature of your ideas) after that you try hard and get traction that show that users or your costumers are really interested in what you are offering to them, then head straight and thinking how to pitch your idea to  potential investor that might be interested in pitting money into your ideas.
  • Waiting for government to fund you idea
  In the last few year, we have had news about how the goverment have set aside some fund to invest in some technology startup that have the potential to grow, but why is the money or which startup got funded using this money, we are yet to have an answer.
you see to my own view waiting for goverment is a total waste of time, you have to trust yourself and start some time .
  • Waiting for someone with money to partner with.
This might be the biggest mistake you can make when venturing into tech startup, meeting someone with money has both side of the coin, if you are extremely lucky you might meet some that has passion for for the problem you are trying to solve and he is ready to put both the efford and the money to see both of you succeed.
 but if you are not lucky and you find someone will only put the money and fold his arm, waiting for the return, am very sure you will not want to meet such kind of person, that is why you must read this
Two Important factor to Consider when choosing a Perfect co-founder for your Tech startupup
That is all for today hope this has help and inspired some to start working on you idea, if you like this post, share it with your friends on the social media using the share buttom below.
  Do you have any question or you want to add to what i  have mention  in the post, you are free to do so in the comment box below.
Thank you and have a great day ahead.


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