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3 Ways to make your laptop battary last longer


Many people are complaining everyday that their battery is not lasting them long as they expect it,my mind keeping thinking of the possible way to ensure that battery last long when it is in used, after my thinking and research i come up with this practical solution that if applied effectively can make your battery last long,
Here are the practical solution to make your battery stay longer when in used

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  1. Always keep your battery in power saver plan
This is the first thing i do whenever someone bring his laptop to me complaining that his laptop battery is not lasting long as expected, to my surprise i always found that their power is in the balance plan,,this balance plan that you see try to make your laptop component receive a balance supply of power which is not bad but this plan run out your battery very fast,but when you change your power plan to power saver plan,it reduces the rate at which your laptop component consume power,and it is not every component that need a balance power to function effectively,power saver is the best plan to choose if you want to make your battery to last long for you, i am a testimony of this,because it has work for me and surely it will work for you.          

  1. .Unplugging your charger when battery is fully charged.

Leaving your charger plug to your laptop even when your battery is fully charge is very dangerous because you are overloading the battery thereby weakening it and preventing the laptop to effectively used charged store by the battery, this is reason that cause laptop battery to died very fast,so always unplug your laptop charger when it indicate to your that the battery is fully charged.


   3.   Do not allow you battery to run down completely before charging it.

This is a friendly advice every computer technician or engineer will give to a laptop user,because leaving your battery to run down completely weaken your battery life span, and i guess you do not want your laptop battery to died so quickly,always make sure your battery is not completely down before you charge it.

This is the three advice i always give to people that have problem with their laptop battery,
let hear your own view about way we can make our laptop battery last longer using the comment section,  



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