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5 Tips to Boost Event Attendance with Social Media Marketing

5 Tips to Boost Event Attendance with Social Media Marketing

For spreading your company’s awareness, building your brand and increasing sales and profits, events play a great role. The events can be of the following types:

  • For describing a marketing software, you can organize an educational conference.
  • For describing Maroon 5, you can organize a concert.

The customers can easily connect with you through events.

You can promote the events by using some methods of old age. In addition to this, for boosting the event attendance, a tool that is incredibly powerful is social media.

For advertising’s traditional forms, it will cost you relatively little or nothing to use social media.

Here are the 5 tips to boost event attendance with social media marketing.

1. Create and share Facebook events – A very good tool for creating an event is Facebook events. In order to answer potential attendees’ questions by responding and interacting with them, or providing valuable information to users or spreading the word about any new thing, you can get a lot of help from Facebook events. Along with this you can also use the platform for accumulating the social proof by taking the help of Facebook events. It also helps in increasing the visibility.

2. Post consistently – After posting on social media, its active promotion is also necessary. Some time is needed for the purpose of marketing and so it will be good for you to take one month’s advance time so as to create the event.  

First you will post for an event. After this you will use a number of platforms for sharing it. But for doing this, a smart practice needs to be followed by you. Instead of quantity you need to give preference to the quality.

If after posting for an event you will wait for the people to come then it will not be a good idea. Rather create a content so that the audience takes interest in it by itself.

Various things like getting vendors or setting up various things need to be shown to the people by you. Show the people what kind of food you are going to serve in the form of small glimpses. Anything that you offer needs to be explained clearly. For checking out Facebook’s event, including a call-to-action in the post will be a good idea.

5 Tips to Boost Event Attendance with Social Media Marketing

3. Use a hashtag for promoting it – On Instagram and Twitter there is a lot of use of hashtags. It can be very easy for you to promote the event by using a branded hashtag. When the people pick and use a hashtag then in the event, generating the excitement and conversation becomes very easy.

For attracting the target audience, use hashtags that are based on interest as well as are reach-oriented.

4. Start it as early as possible – If you want to create an event then for raising the interest of the users you can use social media sites for posting a teaser. If it is like “We are going to organize something interesting in the December….Come and enjoy it” then after seeing it the people will become curious and discuss it a lot. You need to post this information as early as possible so that the people can start booking for it sooner.

5. Arrange contests for increasing the word of mouth – For boosting the attendance of your event, organizing the contests will be a good idea. If you take interest in increasing the event attendance, or engagement or getting new followers then take the help of social media contests. You can attract the people towards your event by offering prizes in the contest.

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