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A Must Have For Every Budding Technology Startup Founder

 As a budding technology founder you are face with different problems, issues such as looking for a team, building the core technology and so many other things along the line that might make you lose focus in what you are doing.


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 I have been around the technology ecosystem, and  i have observe some critical things must successful founder have in common. what am about to highlight for you here are four things you must have if you really want to be successful in your venture.
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  1.Have a mentor

     look for someone who has walk through the path you are trying to fellow, so that he or she can guide and assists you(i.e not necessarily assist you with money) throught the journey, try as much as possible to be care full when trying to find a mentor,

 2. Have a real world work experience

     I know must entrepreneur will be like i want to do my own things and there is no reason to find employment, yes i am  not again  these after all must of the top Internet billionaires started up with no or zero work experience, but not everyone is in the same league as them,

Even founder of alibaba strongly encourage budding tech founder to join an early or an existing company  because of the immeasurable  entrepreneurial and work experience you will get that can’t be gotten from the four wall of  a class room which will prove very valuable when you started your own venture.
     This is important because there are so many Internet entrepreneur that have huge success by following this path.
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  3. Have a good understanding of your target customer
    In the mixes of all those things you are doing before lunching your start up it is very important that you understand your target customer because it is through these way you get to know how the really want their problems to by solves and  with these at hand you can be able  to use the core technology to come up with a good solution.

 4, Have a good understanding of the problem you are solving 

    This is one thing i observe about successful technology founder, the all have strong passion and understanding of the problem the are solving , which give them a great insight on to how the can solve it.
    As a budding technology founder having a good understanding of the problem you are solving is one thing you must not play with.

I hope with this post  have set your navigation on the right focus toward a successful lunching of your new venture, do have any comment want to make about this post, please drop it in the comment box below

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