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Five Startups in North Nigeria using technology to solve challenging problems

Five Startups in North Nigeria using technology to solve challenging problems

Entrepreneurs see opportunities where everyone sees problems, this is where the founder of these five startups raise to the occasion and use technology to solve problems of lack of access to financial services[payment] and access to quality education around them.

Startups are using technology to solve problem in an exciting way, this is by no means the only ones we have from this part of the country but these are some of the amazing one building product that are solving some of the most challenging problem and making a long lasting impact.


Bolmapay is a payment processing platform that allows users to pay with a self-created account, virtual wallet, cardless withdrawal, bank transfer, pay connect, crowd funding, service, and bill payments. Scan-to-pay or show-to-receive payment from other bolmapay users via QR Code payment.

At its core vision, bolmpay wants to become the leading platform for your everyday payment and also provide a convenient atmosphere for consumers to get the real value of what they pay for.


With schoolmo, you can monitor classes, gather results, collect fees, and keep track of student and staff details all in one tool Parent can checkout their guard result sheet and monitors their academic achievement.

At it core schoolmo want simplify how you can quickly automate school admin processes. 


Payant is an invoicing and payments solution that allowed users to send and receive money directly into their bank accounts, but with time more features were added including Dot, a mobile banking solution, Payant Checkout App, and Payant Chatbot for banking transactions on social media.

Payant as a fintech company is constantly moving toward adding more product offering to it’s customers.

As payment transactions grow, there are able incorporate more payments and invoicing channels, users can now add their bank accounts and also pay with USSD.

And there is also a portal for school fees collection that has exceeded ₦1.5 million in monthly transactions.” And payment woo-commerce payment gateway for the store owners with WordPress store. 

Payant as a finch company is constantly moving toward adding more product offering to it’s customers.


Yoda Box is the only solution that delivers an all-around home learning experience for primary school pupils that ensures learning never stops with Yoda Box learning resources, you don’t need Internet access, you can directly watch it on your TV, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet on the go.

Around 700 high-definition context-based videos covering a range of primary school topics in Phonics, Grammar, Composition, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are available. All of the videos feature entertaining, humorous graphic illustrations and upbeat music.

All video content are produce by primary school teacher with many years of primary school teaching experience.

The package comes with activity books and a mobile app that your children engage with experienced teachers in a safe and engaging community.

Yodabox content are for primary school pupils


uLesson is Africa’s first of its kind. An association that uses the best-in-class teachers, media, and technology to provide African students with high-quality, affordable, and open education.

Founded by sim Shagaya and its first operational base from the heart of plateau state Jos, uLesson wants to provide the best in-demand learning experience for the student in secondary class across Africa.

We’re developing a platform that changes the way students learn and prepare for exams in preparation for higher education and beyond. We urge them to accept the changes in learning that have arisen as a result of the new digital era. As a result, parents or guardians should be able to invest in this plan in order to help their children catch up in school.

What do you think about these startups, we will love to hear from you, use the comment section below, let continue the discussion.


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