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Four Innovation space in Kano

Four Innovation space in Kano

Kano is arguable the city with the largest population growth in Nigeria, a thriving hub for business and commercial activities in Northern Nigeria.

In terms of technological innovation, the city is not left out, as there are a lot of startups coming up every day, trying to solve problems around them using the technology.

In this post, am going to share with you four innovation space, where creatives and techies meet and build amazing products in the accident city of kano.

DiceBox Innovation Hub (DI-Hub)

Di-Hub is one a mission to use technology to facilitate entrepreneurship development and business success that foster sustainable ecumenic growth in Africa.

DiceBox Innovation Hub (DI-Hub)

They have a three-month pre-incubation program where students and aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their idea, at the end of the program, startups that gains traction are offered co-working space, mentorship, and coaching through the next phase of the incubation program.

As it is, with every hub, Di-Hub has a community of creatives, where they held monthly meet up and share resources to upscale their capacity.

DiceBox Innovation Hub (DI-Hub)

Di-Hub is located in 1st Floor, African Alliance House, Sani Abacha Way, Sabon Gari, Kano

Startup Kano

With the target of building ideas at the speed of though, startup kano is one of the top acceleration and incubation hub in North and Nigeria at large.

Startup Kano

Startup Kano assists entrepreneurs and startups to launch a new enterprise, foster its development.

Just like with any other innovation hub, startup kano has a wide range of programs, such as incubation, acceleration, and community events.

Incubation at startup kano entitles providing entrepreneurs they need support that will allow them to overcome obstacles and reduce risk, thus increase the chance of their enterprise success.

With their acceleration program, startups get the need guidance to achieve their next target milestone and growth.

Startup Kano

One of top community program at startup kano is Women founders conference held once a year and have co-working space for freelancers and students.

Startup Kano is located at S265 Sahel Garden, Maiduguri Road, Opposite Al-Yuma House, Tarauni Kano Nigeria.

Digital Development Hub (DD-Hub)

DDHub is a Tech-based Innovation Hub designed to support the creation of social impact and commercial start-ups to foster development through creativity and innovation.

Digital Development Hub (DD-Hub)

The Hub offers technologists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to increase their developer skills and support them to navigate many of the challenges involved in establishing a business or organization through mentorship, training, incubation, and acceleration programmed.

 We serve as communities, workspaces, and research centers attracting, retaining, and building talent while encouraging collective action. We run consultancies, civic technology advocacies, and other social impact projects.

Digital Development Hub (DD-Hub)

DDHub is located at No. 32B Zoo Rd, opposite Al-Hamsad Tower, Gadun, Kano

Blue Sapphire Hub

This hub is on a drive to install skills in people to build robust community of innovators and sustainable solution providers that will drive technology entrepreneurship.

Blue Sapphire Hub is the first-female owned innovation center in Northern Nigeria. it’s started operations since 2014. ” We are focused on developing sustainable solutions and building entrepreneurial communities for scalable impact” 

Our budding community is made up of innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers and dare dreamers who leverage the power of tech and innovation to identify and solve the most pressing societal challenges.

There offer services such as startup support, capacity building, software development, their capacity building entails providing training from basic computing to advance technology skills and also business development support programs for people across age and gender.

Blue Sapphire Hub has co-working space and wide range of community event.

Blue Sapphire hub is located at No 231 ABH street Sharada Road, Gadun, Kano


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