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How to Create a Niche For Yourself in the E-commerce Jungle

So many people are jumping into the bandwagon of e-commerce jungle with different platform cropping up here and there, this is good as well as bad thing for the e-commerce space, good in the sense that we can be able to satisfy the growing demand of online shoppers and the bad side is in the sense that they are many other problems begging for solutions that we can actually use technology to solve them in this country.

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 As the e-commerce is growing at a very past rate, anyone trying into the train should ask himself  the following questions
1. What new thing am I bring into the the space?
2. Is there any chance that I can utilize in order to curve a niche for myself 

You probably may answer the first question straight away if you have did your research very well, bur the second one might take you a little research and fact finding before you can answer it
 these is what this post is all about today am going to share with you some niche you can curve for yourself from the e-commerce space, so let get started.

  •  Talking Picture of Product in the Right Size And Format

  So many small and giant e-commerce have large stocks of products in their warehouse in which their pictures are not taken, you can curve an niche for yourself by starting a technology startup that takes pictures of those product in the right size and the correct format for these e-commerce startup, i know some many CEO will welcome the ideas with good hands if someone with passion for photography can come up and fill this gap in their space, even CEO of Payporte complain about this problem in his recent interview with techpoint.ng.
As the rush by e-commerce giant to open their marketplace continue in Nigeria, you can utilize this  opportunity and offer your service to small business owner who want to sell their product on these market place but don’t know how to take picture of their product in the right size and format.

  • Delivery Company

 With the recent expansion of many e-commerce startup to other cities and boost of three and two hour delivery period by giant e-commerce company, similarly small e-commerce will want to find a way to keep up with the competition even though the don’t have the resource and logistics to carry
such tasks.
This is where your startup come to and fill in these gap, since must of them will want o outsource this logistic and delivery issues with company like your.
The delivery company must start with what it can handle because the e-commerce will put the hope in you with ideas that you are capable of delivery their product to their customer in the specific delivery period as promised
you can start with some specific localities you know your resources can handle,with this your client will be happy. the delivery space has a lot to do with trust and one must be care not to bridge that trust.
so there you have it, instead of rushing to open another e-commerce that offer the same thing in the rain, why not fill this space, i hope this post has open your mind to other opportunity, have some thing say please drop it in the comment box below
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