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How to protect your computer from spyware and adware

  They are many way to protect your computer from adware and spyware, and also to keep your computer at bay from them, spyware can be detected in many way as virus can, you might have to used both of this way stated here more than one to completely remove the adware, spyware and other potential unwanted software.
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Here are the ways to protect your computer from these unwanted softwares
1.    Using anti-sypware scanners and removal tools
The anti spyware scanner provides you with the ability to scan your computer, the work like virus scanner in such a way that the remove any hidden in your computer that could be potential harm to your computer
They also provide protections such as firewall that helps prevent further infection of spyware on your computer after it has been successfully removes,  
2.    Removal of spyware manually
Spyware can sometimes hard to remove, if the anti-spyware indicate to you that the spyware can be remove, fellow this instructions provided by the anti-spyware programs, if it’s don’t work, try this options
          Install another anti-spyware program or go to your control panel and uninstall any program that is irrelevant to your computer because that may be spyware, but this should be done with caution.

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Reinstall window

 This necessary because some spyware and adware  can hide itself so well that it can’t detected and remove, if you still see evidence of spyware after you have try to remove it with an anti-spyware program or after you have try to uninstall it through control panel, you might need to reinstall window and your programs,
Reinstalling window will remove spyware and adware but it will also delete your files and programs, if you have to reinstall windows make sure you backup your files and document and make sure you have installation disc,

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