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How to turn off your window update


www.mubitecth.blogspot.comsome people don’t really like when their window keep updating some unnecessary message that do nothing to the operating system but  delare you when you want to shut down your system but today i thought it wise to write this post on how to turn off your window update, here is what to do to turn it off

  1. click on start menu
  2. Go to control panel and click on it
  3. On your control panel menu look around and click on system and security
  4. Move your mouse to mouse to window  update and click on turn automatic update on or off
  5. Go to important update area and click the drop down menu and select the last option which is “never check for update”

note: it is important to update your operating system once very month  and you can follow the same procedures to turn your window update on, please if your have any questions that you will like to ask  use the comment box below, have a blessed week head.

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