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How to unsubscribe to facebook e-mail notification


Some time it is very disturbing when you see many notification that are of no used i know you may thinking how can i unsubcribe to all the notifications,and i know that why you com across this blog but today your worries will be over because here is step by step guide to get things done

  1. login to your facebook account
  2. On the right top corner,press on the arrow next to account 
  3. A drop down menu or ballot box will appear
  4. Click on account settings
  5. Click on the notification tap
  6. you will see huge list of boxes you can tick and untick from
  7. choose the e-mail notification you want facebook to notify you about.
  8. when you are through with that,just scroll down to the end of the page and click on save change buttom,you can also untick all so that you don’t receive any massage from Facebook since the will appear on your Facebook page whenever you login.


  1. There is nothing more painful to sift thru and delete all the mails that clog the inbox when Facebook email notification is enabled. Now, i have unsubscribed to all except the one that informs me when my friends are having their birthdays, anniversaries etc.

    Thats the only notification that i like. I have disabled it even for personal messages. Once the number of friends increases, the email notification simply becomes a pain in the neck to manage.


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