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How To Validate Your Co-Founder Using This Three Points

The other day i wrote a post on how to find a co-founder for your technology startup and we talks about  place you can find a one, today’s post is a bit different in the sense that we are going to talk about three point that help you validate your co-founder just like we did with factors that makes your ideas viable.

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 Finding a co-founder with the right mindset, energy and passionate about what you  are building is very difficult during this period one must take it with ease and careful.
 So you finally find a co-founder that is passionate about problem your idea is trying to solve, but how can you validate him and ensure that you have meet the right person that you can work together through the journey of running a startup.
You have to make sure you get this right or else nothing matter and in the long run you might regret.

Here are three point that helps you validate your co-founder.

1. High Intelligence
You need someone that is more intelligence than you, the co-founder you choose should naturally be smarter than you because you will not want a situation where you find someone that is below average when compare to your level of intelligence.
Intelligence really matter when it’s comes to running a startup because everyday has it’s own new challenges and problems, it is in you and your co-founder to find a way to come up with creative and smart ways to solves those problem without necessary incurring any cost .
As you are starting out, you will definitely be lacking in some area of running the startup but your intelligence level will allows you to learn fast since most of things are not like rocket science.
Your co-founder has to have certain level of intelligence that allows him to pick up things and learn them very fast as long the way, it is in you to determine that level of intelligence.

2.High Energy

 High energy comes as a result of the passion you have for what you are doing, your co-founder might claims to be passionate about the  problem you are solving. but the only way to validate this claim is by seeing the level of energy he or she put in ensuring the aim of the startup is achieve in the long run.
If you are really passionate about what you do, the level of energy you put into it will differ from everyone else, this because passion fuels you to do more of what you love, there is instance where some successfully individual put 15 to 16 hour a day doing what the have passion for, you really  need to watch the energy your co-founder put into building the startup as this will go a long way to validate his passion for  what you are working on.

3. High Integrity

Integrity is what defines a man, and is hardly got among people of today, it can take a long period of time to discover if someone is a person of integrity or not, you can carefully watch and carryout your research about him and ask people that he has work with in the past. from their, you can decide if you want to work with him or not
Another way to validate him is by giving him enamors amount of responsibility and see how he execute it and manage it.
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