Home computer and internet security Security checklist for window

Security checklist for window


known this checklist that will let you have maximium control over the security of your computer
1.     use action centre
This is the center that you check to ensure that your firewall is on, your anti-virus software is up to date and your computer is set to install update automatically.

2.     Window defender
Window defender is use to prevent malicious software like adwares, spyware and anti-viruses from infecting your computer
3.     User account controle
This command prompts you for permission before installing software or openning certain kinds of programs that could potentially harm your computer or make your computer pron to attacks.
4.     Backup and Rstore
This is very important to your computer system, because whenever your system is is infected by virus you have a backup plan to fall back,
5.     Window updated
Window updated allow your window files and drivers to be updated, and is very good to allow window updated turn on but I known some people don`t like it.
6.     Window firewall
Window firewall prevent hacker and other unwanted software from gaining access to your computer throught the internet.

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