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Startup Kano Launch COVID-19 Response Mobile App

Startup Kano Launch COVID-19 Mobile Application

@Startupkano Team Have developed a Mobile Android App with the support of @KanostateNg and @Ksmoh to help curb the spread of covid19 in the state.

The Android Base Application is designed for everyone to help curb the spread of Coronavirus in Kano State. The Application allows you to get live update of the number reported case cross the country, self-check and test yourself, get verified information and news about the virus, call the rapid response team and also help in reporting suspected cases in Kano and it’s environs.

In Tweet, Startup Kano Said:

“As our contribution to curb the spread of covid19 in Kano State, Startup Kano Team have been working on a Mobile Android App with the support of the Kano state Government and the State Ministry Of Health to help users test themselves for the virus, call for immediate response, report a suspected case, see verified updates nationwide from NCDC, access covid19 News worldwide directly from WHO and help kano doctors report suspected cases fast and easily to the Ministry of health for immediate response.”

startup kano launch covid-19

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As we continue to work on this project, other features like voluntary pin of location for user would be added so that we can inform users who are at possible risk of being infected. Below is a link to download the App to your android phones for 7 days testing of the App.

startup Kano launch COVID-19 response mobile App

please leave us a feedback at info@startupkano.com or any of our social media handles @startupkano We are happy to help in any way to make the App accessible on your phones while we work on providing it to you on play store.

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Download the App Here




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