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Technology Startup: 3 Amazing Things You Should be Doing During Your Early Days

Sometime as a tech founders, we sometimes feel over crowded with a whole lot of things especially in the early days, focus is the only thing that do away with all these activities that seems to add no value in our companies. In our early days there are many activities calling for our attention. But wait and think, are these activities really important  to the growth of the company?  having set your mission right…


 I am of the opinion that every tech founder should focus on these three things in the early days of his company

    1. Continuously building your product
    2. Customer support
    3. Talking to users and getting their feedback

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 * Continuously building your product
   Focus on building your product in the early days is very important because without it there will be    no users to use the product.
 Other things are important but getting the product right in the early days is very vital. during this period it might be just you and your co-founder. which in-turn makes it easy to manage yourselves.
 The bottom line of this is for you to continue improving on your product, which is one vital task every Tech Founder must focus on.
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 * Customer Support
  The very first day you lunch your product, set aside a phone line for customer support and place it boldly on the website, i strongly recommend you should talk customer calls yourself in the early day, getting those complains directly from users provides you  with an opportunity to see where your product is lacking and how to quickly address it.
  If you are a non technical founder, it is advisable to share the task with a technical person within your team who know how the product is build .

 *Talking to user and getting feedback from them
  Feedback from users is the only thing that can provide you with fresh ideas on how to improve your product and the only way to get those feedback is by talking to users that are currently using your product.
  With this you can develop a product feedback iteration loop that provide an easy way to filter feedback from users and implement them on your product, you have to remember that not all users feedback are worth considering.
  Focusing on these three things will chunk a result of great product that solve user pressing need in an incredible way thereby turning them into champions that will spread the news of your product through word of mouth(WOM) which one of the sure way to get organic users that will use your product
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