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Technology Startup: What Metrics are you Measuring

 Startup are meant to grow very fast at a short period of time and scale to the desire level but we have to ensure that the grow without losing focus on the overall objectives. the metrics that every startup measure must be directly or indirectly  tired to the overall goal of the company.

 This will ensure that your startup is growing in the right direction and it achieving the set goals. this is why  it is very important to focus your key metrics that aim at achieving your goals in the long run and everyone in the company must know about this, so that everything they are doing will be focus on achieving such metrics drivers.

 Many tech startup have different key metrics that they measure in order to access the overall growth of the company.
let take an example of a venue booking portal, in this case their over roll goals might be to have all the venues in the country listed on the their portals and drive people to book their venue from the portals for their events. the metrics that these startup will measuring are basically two, the number of venues listed on the portal and the number of book venue.

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 So you have to find a way to align your overall goal of the company and your key performance metrics, this will ensure you do not lose focus by taking other wrong  matrices to measure the growth of your company

So i ask again technology startup founder “WHAT METRICS ARE YOU MEASURING ?”.


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