I was motivated to write this post about internet scam by a friend of mine who was scam N4500 in refeeral scam program, athougth he make a great mistake by give his credit card detail

By the way it really pains me to see how people are scam online every blessed day, this is the second reason why am writing this post, and let me made it clearly here ,the goal of this article is to list internet business that are pure scam and how you can avoid them,
This internet business are
·         Online survey
·         Paid to read e-mail
·         Refeeral link
·         HYIP
·         Multiple Level Marketing
Let me explain the top once that most people fall for
Oline survey
This is one of the business that has been scamming people lately, but seriously I don`t blame the scarmmer , because if people did not sign up for their program,the will not be able to scam you, so you see the way things happen. But I will give 50/50% to but the scammer and the people that are scam, but why on earth will you see an opportunity of scamming people just because people rushing to make money online, people should talk note that online business are just like any other business offline, you must give something for people to give you their money, so be warn.
Paid to read E-mail
Who on earth are you reading this mail that will pay you, common sense will tell you that this is pure scam, but you choose to do it because you want easy money that you don’t work hard to get it, haven’t you forget the fact that “Nothing good comes easy” this business is pure scam and you should not in any way engage in it, a word is enough for the wise.
Referral Link
This is another business that look some how real but seriously it is a pure scam,how can someone tell you to refer one person to his website and he will pay $25,hmm are kinding, common sense oaths to tell you that this is scam and you should not waste you time doing them, the most annoying thing is that you will see people engage in this scam thing and continue to spam people post in social media and forum thread with referrals link, any way this is to tell you how people are desperate lazy to make money online
How to avoid been scam from this kind of business is simple

You most give something neither in kind of product or service for people to give you their hard earn money online, period this is the hard truth many people don’t want to hear, but it most be said for those who have ear let them hear.
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